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That alone is good reason to stay away but can anyone give more info about them? Their web site is path-international and they make referrence to Prosper Central. They say that they are 8+ yrs old but when I did a Whois lookup, their domain was “created” in 2009. They say they’re in 149 countries but I can’t find anything on them in a regular Search Engine. Donesn’t look good does it? If no information to offer here I can just recite the following and hope they leave me alone. I’m new here, thanks for helping me with this.

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I’ve been mulling over the Enron debacle in light of its ARWC connection. It would appear to be a case of very similar corporate cultures recognizing each other and getting together. Both buy power and political influence through massive campaign contributions. Both have taken incredible advantage of their workforce, Enron through the stock manipulation/pension $ of its employees and ARWC through the ripoffs perpetrated on its participants.

Personally, I think Kenneth Lay should personally be responsible — PERSONALLY, not the company — for replacing all the employees’ lost retirement funds.

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That was well-expressed, articulate and powerful!! I personally am quite interested in seeing the site that elcman122 found. I find it almost unbelievable that they actually reveal before money is spent that they are Herbalife distributors. That usually is not revealed until you have spent money on training materials and have verbalized that you have the $299 to get started. At the very beginning of the 2nd scripted call, they ask right up front if you have $299 available to “start today”. If you say no, they end the call, but if you say “yes” they will continue with the script. Only then will you find out later in the call that they are Herbalife…